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- Fantastic side hustle, potential for long term

COVID-19 UPDATE:  We are still accepting applications for all Temporary Positions.  There are not as many shifts available currently but we do still get calls from time to time and will certainly have lots of shifts available when the coast is clear!  So please take a moment to create a profile and let us know the type of assignments that you are interested in.

Several local construction companies require Construction Safety Officers or Certified Level 2-3 Occupational First Aid Attendants.  We have shifts and positions available for these roles on a regular or temporary basis in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.  Flexible part-time and on-call schedules plus potential for long term placement.   This is a great way to earn extra income with wages in the range of $28-$32/hr.

Here is an example of current work assignments:

POSITION:  Construction Safety Officer / Certified Level 2 or 3 Occupational First Aid 

  • DATES: Starting immediately (ongoing)
    • Saturdays plus 3-5 evenings per week
    • 4-8 week contact to start with potential for long term
    • Potential for additional shifts as the job progresses
    • Flexible schedule – Pick the evenings you would like to work.
    • Preference will be given to those who are able to commit weekly.
  • HOURS:
    • Saturday shifts from 7AM-3PM
    • Evenings  4pm-6pm “ish”  to start
  • LOCATION: Indoor and outdoor job sites in Squamish
  • DUTIES INCLUDE: Working on a mixed-use construction site in Squamish. Daily site inspection, handling any incidents requiring first aid. Working with the crew to ensure the site and workers are safe.
  • SKILLS / QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Must have a current Construction Safety Officer certificate OR OFA Level 2-3 Certification (copy will be required) and prior experience on a construction site.  Friendly, hard-working and happy to pitch in where needed.
  • ADDITIONAL DETAILS / REQUIREMENTS: STEEL TOED BOOTS REQUIRED! Work gloves and hard hat are also beneficial. First aid equipment will be provided.


Squamish Personnel uses a progressive pay system that awards pay increases based on number of Successful Shifts completed.  The more you work with us, the more you get paid per hour!

Construction Safety Officer OR Occupational First Aid Level 3 

  • Tier 1 = $30/hr to start plus 4% vacation pay
  • Tier 2 = $31/hr after 5 successful shifts plus 4% vacation pay
  • Tier 3 = $32/hr after 10 successful shifts plus 4% vacation pay

Occupational First Aid Level 2

  • Tier 1 = $26/hr to start plus 4% vacation pay
  • Tier 2 = $27/hr after 5 successful shifts plus 4% vacation pay
  • Tier 3 = $28/hr after 10 successful shifts plus 4% vacation pay

Successful Shifts = be on time, work hard and make our clients happy.  These can be in any temp position with Squamish Personnel.

How to Apply:  We are moving quickly to fill these assignments and they will go fast!

  1. Submit your resume and/or qualification details, see  APPLY FOR JOB link below (you only need to do this once)
  2. Email with your desired shifts and start times
  3. Ensure we can reach you (check your email and keep your phone on)


Perhaps you’re looking for supplemental income? Filling in time? Have one day, one week or one month to spare? Between seasonal work? Enjoy variety and flexibility? We can connect you with Squamsih & Whistler’s top employers and provide work that suits your skills, lifestyle and schedule.

Squamish Personnel has regular temp job opportunities for administrators, housekeepers, servers and bartenders.   It’s a great way to pick up extra shifts during slower periods or days off.  Submit your details to us including the type of work you want, the times and days you are available and the pay you require and we’ll notify you each time something suitable comes up.

To apply for this job please visit