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SQUAMISH JOBS AND PERSONNEL SOLUTIONS, as a division of Whistler Personnel Solutions, has been matching talented professionals with their DREAM JOBS  in the Sea to Sky since 1995.  Our Squamish Job Board,, showcases both career and temporary work opportunities from top employers in the region for job seekers to choose from.

Our career matching services and consultations are FREE to job seekers – with no strings or commitments required.

Our Dream

We have the audacious goal of resolving the labour crisis in the region and enabling local businesses to achieve organizational success.   And we do this by ensuring that both the businesses and the candidates we serve thrive with a perfect fit.

Our Expertise

Our experienced team of Career Placement Specialists save businesses time, stress and costs by using our extensive database of talented PROFESSIONALS and our decades of recruiting and job placement EXPERIENCE to match them with the PERFECT MATCH.

Squamish Personnel also has a on-call employee base of over 400 local TEMPORARY WORKERS  who are looking for extra work or short-term contracts that are ready to help whenever needed.


Squamish Personnel is doing everything that we can to assist our community rebuild and recover during this COVID-19 crisis. Most local business are operating and our team is busy helping them with their staffing needs.

If you are looking for workers, please contact us.  We are offering heavily discounted rates for our recruiting and temporary worker services as we want to do our part for our community by helping local businesses rebuild and recover.

We are taking precautions to ensure that our team and those working around them stay healthy.  Read more here:

If you are looking for work, please visit our job boards to see what is currently available: and  Our career placement specialists are also offering free career assistance in support of workers who are looking for employment (as always). 

The Squamish and Whistler Personnel teams are operating from our home-based offices daily during regular office hours.  Please contact us if there is anything we can do to support you or your employers during this difficult time.