This form creates a Professional Profile for you in our system.  It gives us important information about the type of work you are interested in and allows us to send you  job alerts based on the preferences entered.

How to create a great Professional Profile:

  • You will be asked to attach a copy of YOUR RESUME  so please have this ready for submission (PDFs are great!).  Here are some tips on  how to create a strong resume.  
  • THINK BIG PICTURE – if you are interested in hearing about full-time and temporary on-call roles, please select both.  And please select all of the job categories that interest you as well – such as admin, event work, customer service, management and so on.
  • You only need to complete this full application ONCE with us – if there is a future or additional job that you want to apply for and you’ve already done this, please complete this simplified Expression of Interest instead.
In order to best represent you, it’s imperative to know your goals, job preferences, wage expectations and qualifications plus what brought you to our fabulous playground.

TIPS:  HOLD CTRL or CMD to select multiple menu options and *STARS indicate required fields.

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Terms of Applying for Employment with us:

  • You must be legally allowed to work in Canada for us to represent you in finding a job.  Click here to learn about work permits & visas.
  • There is NO CHARGE to applicants for our services and you can withdraw your Application at any time.
  • Your Application and Professional Profile are 100% Confidential.   
  • We do not forward your resume or personal information without your permission and we completely respect and guard your privacy in accordance with  our Privacy Policy.
  • If you ever want to know who a certain job is with,  just ask!  Click Here or give us a call.
  • Some of our jobs offer local accommodation but many don’t.   Finding suitable accommodation is your responsibility and often a pre-condition of employment with some local businesses. Click here for some resources.
  • Visit How we Work with You to find out more about our free career coaching and placement services and our Temp Side-Hustle opportunities.
  • We review  every application within a few days and contact candidates who are short-listed for positions that are open based on experience.  This process sometimes takes a week or more.
  • Once you have created a Professional Profile and enrolled as a candidate, you will also represent Squamish Personnel in all of your interactions with prospective employers.   Please read our TIPS for Job Seekers section on how to best do this.
  • You must AGREE to these Conditions,  CONSENT to receive our emails and job alerts and  VERIFY all of your information when submitting your Application.  If you say no to either of these questions, we will not be able to represent you.
  • We verify all information submitted with former and current employers  and schools (once you give us the all clear to contact them) so be as accurate as possible.
  • To CHANGE or update your profile or responses once submitted – email

We are your partners through the next step in your career.

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