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In addition to posting your job on for 30 days at no cost, Squamish Personnel can also save you more work, stress and time and  in your quest to find the perfect new employee.   Not only will we post your positions, but we will also screen all applications, interview them, test them, check their references and find you the perfect match.   We take all of the hard work out of the recruiting and hiring process.

Don’t Stop There – Let Us Save You Even More Time!

In order to save local businesses countless hours and headaches and to give their job ads a BOOST, Squamish Personnel is pleased to offer several very affordable Recruiting and Job Placements services including:

  • Recruiter Booster  guaranteed to fill up your inbox with applications and resumes until you have filled the position;
  • Top Talent Recruiting Service designed for businesses looking for fast results and only the cream of the crop; and
  • Full Placement Service ensures the perfect long-term employee that fits a businesses precise needs and unique culture.

One of the most time-consuming tasks of the recruiting process is posting each job opening on multiple job boards and websites – and quite often these job boards don’t  often bring in enough quality local candidates.   With Squamish Personnel we don’t quit until you have the results you need – it’s what we do best!  

Contact us now and we will get started!